The Need for Modern Professional Network for Developers: Peerlist

The Need for Modern Professional Network for Developers: Peerlist

Well, hello everyone how are you? If you are in tech you might have heard about this startup Peerlist; if you haven't, Peerlist is a Professional Network for people in tech.

You might as but why Peerlist and what's the need when platforms like Github, Linkedin even Hashnode is there to showcase our work? Well, let me tell the exact words of the founders and why they are building Peerlist.

Why Peerlist?

In a blog post, the co-founder mentioned what was the core problem they were facing so they come up with the idea of a single source of truth Peerlist, where all your blogs and links can be showcased. It's more like a portfolio but very to easy to update and create.

She (Yogini) had to update her resume and share her work links. EVERY BLOODY TIME. Her work was distributed on different platforms, like Github and DEV. And her LinkedIn profile was useless to showcase her work. Building a personal portfolio website was not feasible, as she was busy with coding assignments and interviews.

you can read more about this here why-are-we-building-peerlist


Now you might think but if that's the case there are other services like the famous platform LinkedIn. Well, I agree LinkedIn is such a great website to find work and connect with people but there are a lot of things are changed with LinkedIn and now it's not the same LinkedIn we used to remember.

The Expectations and Reality check from Linkedin

Expectation from LinkedIn

  • Gain of Exposure and Job opportunity.
  • Meeting Peers with the same goals.
  • Gaining social proof of skills and work.
  • Getting offered and visible to Recruiters.

Well, these might be working still same for a lot of people but you might also agree it's not the same as it used to be and had changed a lot in recent years.

The LinkedIn Reality check

  • Too Much Motivation, If you are a dev like me you don't wanna see every post as some kind of random motivational story. A few numbers are kinda ok and they usually do motivate us but the sheer number of motivational posts I see these days are insanely a lot. That kinda ruined the purpose of scrolling and learning about something new or collaborating.
  • Random Job Alerts Getting Radom job updates from in your feed asking you to mention your email in the comment. Well, it's probably fake no recruiter gonna go through the post comment and mail you about your work and establish contact with you. It's mostly as a way of tricking the algorithm into making their post viral and gaining followers.
  • Scams Idk if you come up with these posts or not but a lot of people are scamming by getting your data and portraying themselves as recruiters and posting jobs.

The list goes on .... Well I m not saying LinkedIn is bad but Trust me as a developer you need something which is specially tweaked as per your need.

The Modern Professional Network for Developers: Peerlist

Peerlist for developers

Peerlist is not just a portfolio website but has much to offer to developers. Let's see what Peerlist has that makes it unique from other platforms.

1. Portfolio for developers

Well, It has an amazing portfolio for developers with Integration with other famous platforms such as Hashnode, Github, Dribble, etc.

Here is a funny meme I just created :). Hope it cracks a laugh for you


But, seriously guys it's this easy now to share everything about your dev work with a single work just like as a portfolio but better.


well doesn't this look good, everything a recruiter might want to see it's there to see?

2. Job's for you

Recently Peerlist's new feature is also a Job portal and Applying to them is just one click away. Well, don't believe me go and check out your self it has plenty of jobs for you and the good thing is the recruiter profile is inviting only so getting scammed is out of the box.


3. Scroll

It's a simple feed like most social networking website but there is fewer motivational speaker and more developers. So if you are a developer you might wanna go through this to learn a ton lot of stuff as people are sharing their blogs and repositories or dribble shots to get reviewed and showcased. Personally speaking, it's a great place to get inspired and motivated.

4. Analytics

Well, they also have good analytics inbuilt to give you an idea of how much you are growing on their website and how many people are noticing you.

Peerlist for Recruiters

This website has hidden gems to offer to recruiters which make their life easy and that is Proof of Work. No recruiter wanna hire someone who bluffs their resume so proof of work is the best way to hire talent from the talent pool.

Recruiters have transparent access to the work a candidate has done in their repository, their project, and blog post ever the candidate has shared in one glance which can be very beneficial for recruiters to judge a candidate in the first round itself.

If that's not something that excites you so let me again mention there is a job portal where you can post jobs and easily filter candidates.

If you are a recruiter go and check out the Peerlist.

I hope you got a sense of what Peerlist is and what they are doing if you like their Idea and want a portfolio or a job. Go check them out and make a profile on their website.


Peerlist is awesome if you haven't joined do join them Join Peerlist

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