How to Integrate Your Hashnode Blog With Netlify.

How to Integrate Your Hashnode Blog With Netlify.

Well if you are like me who has his / her portfolio hosted at Netlify and then added a custom Domain from some domain provider say namecheap and now looking for a way to integrate Hashnode blog as a subdomain to their Domain. My friend, you stumbled upon the right blog.

Well without wasting more time let's get started from the beginning.

Setting up your Hashnode blog.

  1. Goto Hashnode and signup if not already. welcome to hashnode

  2. You will be seeing something like the above image now all you have to do is set up your blog, for that click on Get Started.

Setting up a new custom domain with Hashnode.

Enter the basic info like what you wanted to call your blog for me it is Ashish's Talk . You can choose whatever you want.

Now after clicking next you will be seeing something like below


select the I will use my domain and click on next.

Then fill up your domain name as blog.yourdomainname in my case it is


to read more on the domain mapping hasnode domain mapping

Now you are all set for now on the Hashnode side.

Setting up your Netlify for Hashnode blog

Goto the Netflify and open your deployed website setting and navigate to Domain settings.

Netlify Deploys

Now go to your custom domains and click on options and select Goto DNS panel.

Domain Settings

Now After that add a new Record by clicking on Add new record

Add a new record

After that fill in the details as following and save them.

CNAME confiuguration

Once you do that after some time Hashnode blog will automatically be mapped to your blog.yourcustomdomain.

Yaay now you are done wait for some time to get everything in place it usually takes less than 2 hours, meanwhile give me Follow.

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